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Navigating difficult conversations

Difficult conversations are an inevitable part of working in an organisation. But rather than avoid them, with the right tools we can embrace the power of difficult conversations to open up new possibilities.

Our wellbeing team delivers this training in person or online in a three-hour workshop. During the session, you will cover:

  • What makes a conversation difficult?
  • How to prepare for difficult conversations.
  • Tools to develop your presence during a difficult conversation.
  • Group discussion on case studies.
  • Debriefing in pairs.
  • Self-care and follow up after a difficult conversation.

We can also deliver and introductory 90-minute webinar or in person briefing covering:

  • What is a difficult conversation?
  • A simple exercise to prepare for difficult conversations.
  • Practical steps to lead difficult conversations.
  • Practising the model on a case study.

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