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Conflict management training

Conflict is natural in working environments. When handled well, it is proof that your organisation welcomes different viewpoints and perspectives and it can prompt transformative change and innovation. When handled poorly, conflict can disempower individuals and impact your organisation’s capacity to respond to internal and external demands.

Our wellbeing team delivers this training in person or online over two three-hour workshops. During the sessions, you will cover:

  • Your personal relationship with and response to conflict.
  • The causes and consequences of different types of conflict in the workplace.
  • How to pre-empt or prepare for conflict in the workplace.
  • How to feel more confident when addressing conflict.
  • Explore your organisation’s culture regarding conflict.

We can also deliver an introductory 90-minute webinar or in-person briefing covering:

  • Definition of conflict and conflict management.
  • Introduction to conflict management styles and when each is best used.
  • Reflect on a practical case study.

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